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**HFC Productions reserves the right to alter the floor plan at any time without notice.**

The floor plan above is subject to changes due to, safety, fire codes, and to make room or changes for food, lounge, and attractions. As we know you have purchased a space with the current floor plan in mind. We always try to make changes that will not affect your booth to drastically. In other word if a change arrises and you're unhappy about it let us know and we will work to find a solution for you.

Exhibitor List 2019 - 2020 coming soon.

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Food Vendors

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420 Events                                    35

Advanced Nutrients               19,20

Alberta 420 & Calgary 420         40

OGEN Bloom Cultivation              oo1

Boaz Pharmaceuticals          oo4

Bong and Vape Outlet               oo

CanaClean Inc.                         36

Canna Cabana                            G

Choice Growers                          30

CLEARLY GOLD                             33

ClickaGram & Grown Locally Inc     23

DAB Skincare                               32

Dankgas Medicinals               39

Earthly Matters                         68

Endocannabinoid Academy       84

EZ-Clean                                          55

Fuse Insurane Ltd.                   37

Fextern                                        B

GIZEH                                                53,54

Golden Acres                        21,22,25,26

Green Earth Cannabis                o13

Green Generation                        96

Grow Calgary                            92

Herbal Aire                                   A

Incredigrow                                    002

Innovating Plant products             78,79

InstaLeaf                                       87

JointConnections                     86

Keystone Labs                            34

Kush Oil                                           28

Lozman Canada                  41,45,46,60,61

Maq Distributors                          64

Micanna                                         65

Munchies And Smoke.                 92

ND Supplies                                  67

Original Energy                           oo9

OneBudd Inc.                             43

Pouch Makers                             24

Prairie Records                          63

Spirit Leaf                                    011

Shell Shock                                   69

Smoke Effex                                    50

Subcana                                          38

THC Safety                                    44

The Her(B) Life                               27

The Pot Doctor                           66

Two Hoot Cannabis Gear                     49

VoxxLife                                          62

Vertical Cannabis                           88

Wolf Grinders                             18

West Country Pump and Filtration.  48

Quick Grow Supercenter                85

Quickgrow Indoor Garden Centre    91








September 11 & 12, 2020  (FRID + SAT)



Friday TBD

Saturday TBD



Saturday TBD

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Calgary Olympic Park

88 Canada Olympic Rd SW

Calgary, AB

T3B 5R5

(Security provided)

**This is an 18+ Event** (ID Required)